Star Wars Classic Ships

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Star Wars!

I have really enjoyed the Star Wars planets series that Lego brought out (series 1-4) but I'd read they were discontinuing that line, which I thought was a shame! So I have been working on some designs for some of my favourite classic ships from the Star Wars universe:

Tie Fighter

The classic Tie Fighter, cheap and without shields, I reckon a Tie fighter pilot has got to be one of the gutsiest bad guys out there. This is based heavily on the already released Tie advanced, and comes in at 48 bricks. I think I have done a good job here on the hexagonal wings.

The Millenium Falcon

A classic that is long overdue! I've seen some good ones on Cuusoo since building this one, and I don't mind who gets one out there, I just want a Falcon! Who doesn't!?

For the pilot here I have gone with the Sullustan smuggler Nien Nunb, Lando's copilot from Return of the Jedi. Nien Nunb will need a bit of face art to bring out his shiny black eyes. All totalled there are 57 bricks in this 'piece of junk'.

Star Destroyer

Another must have classic, the star destroyer! I've based this heavily on the Republic Assault ship, and feel I have captured the look and feel of the Star Destroyer fairly well. An Imperial Officer is the obvious choice to acompany this ship. Somehow this ship has blown out to 71 bricks, so it might be a little larger, but I think it looks about right.


Honestly I wouldn't be fussed if these came with planets or not (does anyone else hang them from the christmas tree?), but there are a host of Star wars planets to choose from []. Corellia and Ord Mantell might be a couple of good choices for these ships.

Thanks for looking and I hope you back this project!