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Invincible Shadow


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The Invincible Shadow.

The Invincible Shadow is an armoured super-sportscar. It can drive up to 450m/h but is also very tough, being able to withstand air-strikes, machine gun fire, bazooka fire, missiles, etc.

The car contains a highly up-to-date cockpit and as you see on the picture of the inside, it has a big red button which activates the super booster jet engines. It is also fully armour plated and streamlined.

The driver is a bad dude going by the name of Ivgot Noidea. He lost his left arm in a terrorist attack and now has a steel mechanical arm. He built the Invincible Shadow for himself in a isolated garage in Russia and has ever since brought terror to the terrorists.

The set contains:

  • A minifigure: the bad dude
  • A armoured super-sport car: The Invincible Shadow
  • A portable ladder: for climbing into the car

I estimate the price of this set at about $35.

Join us in making the Invincible Shadow a reality.


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