Product Idea

Rolls Royce Phantom

A LEGO Recreation of the Luxury Rolls Royce Phantom in white and black colors.
  • 4 Opening Doors 
  • Luxury Interior
  • Openable Trunk
  • Openable Hood
  • Model of V12 Engine
The Car
This car was equiped with 6.7L V12 Twin Turbo Engine mounted by BMW, that preforms 460 CV of power and 0-100 in 5.7 seconds, automatic 6 speed transmission and the body is built in aluminium.
The final asembly is made to suit the client in the plant of Rolls Royce in England and the paint is polished by hand.

I Built this car because si the most luxuriest cars in the world, this can be a good LEGO Set, and luxury of course.