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Long-nosed Critters


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Many animals have adapted long noses which gives them very unique appearances. In this project, I have made five of these animals with Lego bricks:

  • an Aardvark
  • a Giant Anteater
  • a Giant Elephant Shrew
  • a Malayan Tapir
  • and a Lowland Streaked Tenrec

This set would be like the 'Creator' sets and will include spare bricks for creating your own ideas. There would be instructions for the five animals listed above and possibly more (I will add others in the updates). The project would appeal to animal lovers and Lego fans of any age.

This set contains 440 pieces (excluding spare bricks).

Thank you for looking at my project. Please support, follow or share it if you like it. Also, please comment on any other long-nosed animals to include in the set.

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