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Modular Bank Robbery


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The Modular Bank Robbery

Number of pieces: ~3500.

Difficult: Hard

Age Objective: Adult

This building is created based on modular rules.

The set has 8 Minifigures, 1 vehicle and 1 building with 3 floors (basement + 2 floors), wall ornaments and complet forniture.

Bank's main hall is elevated from street level, so 1st level is the basement. This basement has:

  • A main street with:
    • Sidewalk
    • Apple Tree
    • Lamppost
    • ATM
    • Main Staircase Outside
  • A backstreet with:
    • Glass Container
    • Backstreet Stairs
    • Thieves entry
  • Thieves robbery plan is bassed in Underground Tunnel in the basement just to Bank Vault, so inside basement there is:
    • The Tunnel
    • Mine wagon
    • Stepladder

Second level contains bank's first floor including:

  • Walls:
    • Classic Columns
    • Main Entrance
    • Security Cameras
    • Backdoor with access control
  • Main Hall with:
    • Waiting Room
    • Bank Teller Window
    • Glass Spider Lamp
    • Stairs
  • Back room with:
    • Bank Vault entry
    • Water Source
  • A bank Vault with:
    • Money Shelves
    • Thieves Entry
    • Removing floor
    • Removing top

Third level has contains second floor, including:

  • Outside:
    • Bank sign and frontal ornament
    • Dome and roof
    • Back Terrace
    • Sanit Michael's fighting Devil sculpture
  • Inside:
    • Bank office with desk, personal computer and furniture for files
    • Director's office with carpet and luxury desktop.

The Minifigures included are:

  • The Thieves: Clyde & Owen 
  • The Clients: Michael & Sandra
  • The Security Guard: Jackson
  • The Bank Staff: Stuart & Melissa
  • The Bank Director: Donald Schubert

Thieves has a black van as escape route. This van has cockpit and rear cabin. The van's floor can be opened to play with it.

All the roofs can be removed withour effort to play with this set.

Enjoy and Support!!