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Wheel of Fortune!


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This is my version of a LEGO Wheel of Fortune set. It is based on the U.S. game show, which has been on-air for over forty years, with over six thousand episodes. This set was designed to be fully playable, with holes in the back of the playing board to push out the printed letter tiles, and both wheels being able to spin freely. A sticker would go over the main wheel, and tiles could be printed with prizes on them for the bonus round wheel. This set could be used as a display piece, or played with by family and friends, giving people as many hours of enjoyment as the show itself does.

The other pictures are close-ups of the wheel, playing board, bonus wheel, minifigures, (Vanna White, Pat Sajak, Player One, Player Two, and Player Three) and another view of the whole set.

Technical stuff:

  • Hinges, boards, and tiles were used to create the platform for the wheel, however, rounded boards or bricks could also be used to lower the piece count.
  • While I used a single, round tile for the wheel, a round board and smaller tiles could also be used to allow a removable bonus tile to be placed on one of the sections.
  • I imagine the set would come with five to eight printed tiles for every letter, along with five to eight tiles in blue, and enough tiles to cover the board in both white and green.
  • By using boards with holes in them on the back of the playing board, a Lego pole would easily be able to push the tiles out to be replaced.
  • In the pictures the tiles are not connected to the bonus round wheel, as I was not able to connect them in Lego Digital Designer, but I tried it and they do connect with real pieces. It is also a technique used in another set produced by the LEGO company (The SHIELD Helicarrier, control room).

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