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Lego Paysage - Cascade -


I'm proud to show you my first creation : The Waterfall !

The Waterfall comes from the set Lego Paysage, a new Lego's topic. I invented this topic in the same way that Lego Architecture.

First I will introduce my work. The support of the creation is a pure and simple green slab. A grey wall emerges from the ground, wraped himself by plants. The irregular lines are drawing a real cliff. However the highlight of this work is the waterfall. Indeed a little motor is hided behind the cliff, by an ingenious system the water is really falling. You can appreciate it in the video under this description.

Like you can see it, isn't 3D conception, I already built it. Thus I'm sure that my creation can be completed,which is, as for me, a proof of quality !

The objective of this theme is to recreate at home the most beautiful paysages around the world. I will build many other Lego Paysage, my futur project is The Island.

Please support me, follow me, and share me.


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