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Back to Mars: Olympus Mons City

Please refer also to the main project Back to Mars - a classic space theme!

Let's celebrate the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars at the 6th of August 2012!

Some months after the humans Mars outpost reached 100% of its possible output, the astronauts decided to validate all explorational data in order to ramp up the terra forming and colonization process.

The result of checking the data was that a possible location exists quite close to their outpost: a hughe mountain which was called Olympus Mons. More analysis showed that this montain is a extinct volcano. This location would have offered a quite stable basis for a big construction site. So they reconfigured two of theier mechs into a mining variant and order them, the mining driller and the fleet of site vehicles to Olympus Mons, starting the creation of a complex of buildings.

The construction site started at the begining with two steps in parallel: the mountain peak was flattened and into the inner core a big tunnel system was drilled. All sorts of collected materials were directly transfered to the plant of theier outpost and transformed at the production line into building materials and reused them in order to minimize time and costs, because nearly all needed things could be produced on-site whithout waiting for deliveries from Earth.

The third step was breaking off the tunnel slab and removing the remaining walls. Afterwards a steel structure was builded up in such a way that a basement, a 1st floor and a roof was created. Then they installed a lift system which connects all three levels, created a tower on the basement and covered the 1st floor completely with an astrodome made of glass. To finalize this step the roof was extended to a landing platform for a shuttle, the basement was closed by a central gate and the defense and gate control were installed. The gate (includes an two-way air lock system) itself is hughe enough to be passed by a delivery van on its way to the loading rack .

At the end - during a nice roofing ceremony - the naming of the complex of buildings was done: "Olympus Mons City"

From now on the installations could be done shielded by the astrodome from the outer atmosphere and sand storms, which made everything easier and faster.

The astronauts equiped the tower with a set of terra forming tools (like weather control, oxygen supply and diffuser nozzles for pollen and water vapor) and a lab. Afterwards they were already able to plant a garden inside the city.

While the plants were growing the rest of the facility was created: a living & bed room, a restaurant and many other features. After the final audit about safty and functionality was successfully passed, a hughe party was started.

And serveral months later the first civil visitor was invited and arrieved by using a shuttle quite soon, just waiting for a first trip on Mars with a buggy.... It's me! =)

- the landing platform can be removed completely for a better accessibility of the inner area, it's just connected by some pins
- the living room module is placed on bearings and can be pulled out to be easier accessed for enhanced playability
- the main entrance and rear exit are compatible to the modular extensions of the outpost (e.g. the plant can be connected to the back and the rest of the outpost to the front)
- some raytracing pictures can be found here.

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