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2016 Rescue Pumper


What does your Lego town do when they only are able to purchase one fire truck to hand any job?  The 2016 Rescue Pumper is the answer!  This unit is capable to hand just about any job that is thrown at it.  From automobile rescue, to house fire, from paramedic calls to getting a cat out of a tree the Rescue Pumper is ready with it's 3 man crew and all the gear it can carry! 

There is even a stretcher mounted above the hose bed to transport injured towns folk to a waiting ambulance.  This unit is equipped with hand tools, chain saw, jaws of life, first aid and oxygen equipment, fire fighter air tanks, hazmat spill clean up and more!  There is a top mounted water canon (deck gun), scene lighting and plenty of emergency lighting so traffic will see it coming down the road.

Vote for this truck and your town will have all it needs to keep it safe from any emergency that will ring the fire alarm!

Thank you for your votes.  Hope to see this go all the way!

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