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Stalwart Mech


Origin: Colonial Defense Forces (CDF) 

Designation/Class: "Stalwart" Heavy Planetary Defense Mechanical

Crew: Single Pilot, Veteran Ranking

Loadout: 10 Beam weapons, 2 Heavy Cannons, long range sensor/communication package, 2 high powered "Supernova" floodlamps.

Powerplant: Superdyne Systems Elemental Micro-Reactor, capable of maintaining running speeds in excess of 65kph and vertical jumps of 30m at a distance of 100m through the use of four heavy exhaust jets. WARNING: Can achieve escape velocity in low gravity environments! Use caution!

Comments: "I wouldn't want to get in it's way" - Brigadier General Jacob "Trapper" Blockman

The CDF "Stalwart" Planetary Defense Mech is comprised of 739 bricks in it's current configuration, including one minifig pilot.

Constructed using clicking articulated ball joints in elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees to support and hold poses of the larger model, and using simple ball joints for the ankles to allow greater posability this Mech has a wide range of playable motion with thirteen points of articulation, not including the fingers and cockpit hatch. A lot of time went into making sure there was as little interference between torso and limbs as possible. Growing up we used to build giant robots all the time but we never had the kind of pieces available today. They were blocky and clumsy in patchwork colors but we had fun all the same. But now! All the cool bits! I have been building up a supply of them so I can build monster projects like this for real. Hopefully, you fine master builders will help get this Mech off the ground and we can all enjoy.

Thank you!

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