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BMW M3 E36


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The E36 M3 was released in 1992, and replaced the E30. It had a 3.0 litre straight six with 286bhp, although it only had 240bhp in America due to the catalytic converter having to be positioned closer to the engine. In 1994, BMW released the M3 Evo, which had a 3.2 litre engine with 321bhp, although American cars didn't have this engine and kept the 3.0 litre. It was replaced in 2000 by the E46.

My LEGO E36 M3s are all 3.0 litres. Here is some information about them:

The M3 saloon: The saloon is black with grey leather interior. All four doors open, although the bonnet and boot don't.

The M3 coupe: The coupe is yellow with black interior. As on the real car, the front and rear windscreens aren't as steep as the saloons. It also has opening doors.

The M3 convertible: The convertible is green with red seats. It has opening doors and a removable roof.

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