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The Golden Pot Cafe


Introducing Golden Pot Café!

This small coffee and doughnut café was inspired by Rollercoaster Tycoon restaurants and Kiosk's. One of the first, and biggest features that catch the eye is the oversized coffee pot, and coffee cup mounted on the roof of the business portion of the building. I wanted to give this modular a whimsical personality by adding them, and they do look rather charming atop this cute little café. With the remainder of the exterior of the café, I finely detailed it with brick construction, offset pattered trim, and wrap around awnings, as well as a handsome red brick chimney leading to the brick oven in the kitchen. The kitchen features shelves of baked goodies, and drinks which are visible for selection through the front display windows. As well as a coffee and espresso machine, storage cupboards, and a vintage gold plated cash register at the center service window. In front of the Café is a dining patio with 2 covered tables and seating for 8 mini figures. Around back is a built in lofted Barista house, for housing the Barista of The Golden Pot Café. The Barista house is very minimalistic, as it only contains a small dresser, 1 lamp, a transistor radio, and a bed located in the loft of the house. The loft is accessed via ladder mounted to the wall. I think The Golden Pot would make a very neat and unusual addition to any Lego builders city or collection, be sure to support and follow this, and my other projects! Thanks for looking!      

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