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Random Number Tank 2379


l was thinking about building a Lego tank one day, and so l started this project. It took me 3 weeks to build and l wanted to install good functions that would make someone stop and stair. So l made it with some I thought people would love, such as a lot of flick missals, the front armor/wheel protectors can flip down as shown with 2 missals and laser guns. The lid can open and close, It has jets on the bottom to let it fly to get un-wedged from a ditch. There is a turning laser cannon with flick missals, that on the inside turns around with it on top. It has a lifting back where you can see the inside. There is a lid with a handle next to the rotating gun that you can lift and you can see the inside control room where a person can be placed to control the cannon. l hope you like it!