Product Idea

LEGO Store Leicester Square

Being an enthusiastic fan and builder of Modulars, I thought it was time to add a full size LEGO Store to my modular collection. Inspired by the largest LEGO Store in the world at Leicester Square in London, I’ve designed this sketch model and have build it to be part of my modular street. With this submission I hope others will also have a chance to build this beautiful flagship LEGO store with its special and very characteristic elements. 

Ground floor:
Technic, City and on sale product shelves
Tube train photo opportunity with Royal Guard, William Shakespeare and the Queen
Tube train with tram driver and Charlie the Conductor
Two story high Big Ben with Constable, Detective and Judge
Brickley the Dragon
Welcoming by Lester
Counter with register and Lester polybags

1st floor
Friends, Duplo and other product shelves
Phone Box photo opportunity
Pick and Build wall
Play Table
Stair case with LEGO Logo history
View on the Big Ben and Brickley the Dragon,

2nd floor
Overall the modular has been designed to keep the amount of bricks as low as possible through the use of panels and large bricks. The 2nd floor is not a fully utilized floor to keep the brick count below the 3000 maximum.  It is designed to have optimal light conditions in the store through the use of more glass and contributes to the already open inside structure of the building. The roof has four studs on it so the store can easily be recognized as a LEGO store on satellite map images :)
If the brick count restriction would not apply I imagine the top floor could well be a shop for tea/coffee with cupcakes and a terrace to enjoy.

I hope you like it, please support to give the LEGO store a chance in becoming an actual set we can buy in real LEGO stores around the world.