Tha Anatomy of a Lego Man

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The Anatomy of a Lego Man - A fantastic introduction to human biology where children can build and learn all about the major organs in a free standing mini figure torso and hips.

916 bricks (left to right and top to bottom)

Bladder and kidneys
Front rib cage
Spine and rear ribs
Heart (with all valves colour coded)
Small intestine
Large intestine

As the model is assembled the instructions would give a brief description of the organs function within the body. Please support him, sometimes he feels a little empty

Left - Bladder and kidneys, pancreas and spleen.
Right - Lungs and liver

Left - Stomach and small intestines
Right - Large intestines

Left - Heart
Right - Front rib cage


This is my third Cuusoo project following on from my power functions crane and Mr Dave Cave.

Wanting to try something new I decided to venture into the world of the LDD (Lego Digital Designer). Its been nice to have any brick I wish in any quantity desired and a pleasure to not have to tidy up afterwards. But I still prefer the real thing.

I hope you like it, any suggestions / examples of a small intestine made out of Lego would be appreciated.