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Old Wizard's Hut


    Hello! I am a wizard, and I present to you my humble abode: The Old Wizard's Hut! My home is a mix of that classic castle aura with new pieces and vibrant colors. Inspired by the orange brick separators that make up its roof, my Old Wizard's Hut has three stories of playability with a whimsical look. The first floor has an opening door, a bookcase with potions, and a worktable looking out the window (I get all of my greatest inspiration from the natural beauty around me). The cozy second floor detaches and contains a fireplace with twisting chimney and a comfy chair next to the big picture window, and is my favorite floor. The attic also can be taken off (as well as the roof) and contains stockpiles of food to feed the my gryphon- I wouldn't want it eating my sheep now!

   The hut aside, my land allows for a host of interesting and playable animals, including my two sheep (Benny and Lenny), the old rooster named Jefferson (he's a cocky fellow), and of course the resident gryphon that lives in the pen atop the roof (because where else would I put a gryphon?).

   The gryphon itself almost steals the show. The range of posability it has from legs to arms to wings allows for great expression and a variety of action poses. It even has four open studs on the back to allow for a rider such as me. Good thing I've got my goggles!

   Now I recognize I'm not your typical wizard. I don't have a big pointy hat or cape, but have you seen an orange wizard's hat? I thought not, but if you do, let me know. I decided to clothe myself in more earthy attire to match my surroundings, opting for a simple tan robe and brown pants instead.

   Speaking of earthy, the land around my hut offers many interesting natural details. The crumbling stone wall and simple wooden fence are all quaint details, and the overgrown terrain and leaning little tree add to the wildness of my land. The animal pen also has some play features. Of course I have a functional gate (how else would I feed Benny and Lenny?), and the feeding trough is always full of hay (no, not hands, hay!).

   I'd love to stay and chat about the wonders of my house (as I'm sure you'd love to stay), but I'm afraid I have to clean out the gryphon pen, and I'll need all the time I can get. If you enjoyed my little house, please support this project! A little help goes a long way, and if you really want my hut to become an official LEGO set, feel free to share this with all of your friends back home (I'm sure they'd love that comfy old chair upstairs). Thank you for checking out my house, and I'm sure I'll see you around soon!


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