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Service Work Van with Bucket


This is my next re-submit called Service Work Van with Bucket. This van comes equipped with a bucket attached to the roof for high reaches such as power poles and signs on top of buildings There are two side doors which open up horizontally and two barn doors on the back. On the roof along with the bucket you will find three strobe lights with two in the back and one in the front to warn motorists that the van is working and that they should slow their speed to a cautious pace. In the back of the van is room for storage and includes three pieces of lumber one hammer and two cones one for the front of the van and one for the back. The van can sit one mini-figure comfortably. The headlights are clear and triangular and the taillights are red and square. Also on each side of the van are bar-like windows to let some air into the back. This van would fit in nicely to any construction company or any city that needs a maintenance vehicle that get the job done quicker than others.

This van would sell for $17-20 US Currency. Thank you for your support and comment they are greatly appreciated.