Exo-Force- S.A.F.F. Class: D.F.A

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S.A.F.F. *decoding* Sniper Assault Fast Flyer
D.F.A *decoding* Death From Above

And that's exactly what this is.

Top view:

Since I've been giving a lot of story with the past few projects, I'll mainly just be talking about this project's specific details until I can think of something story-wise to add. This picture is for showing the "intakes" of the main engines. I used a 2x2 round brick w/ "teeth" and a 2x2 round tile (both in trans-yellow) to similate engine "gears"/"blades" that have been infused with the energy.

Front view/Cockpit opened:

Sadly, with this one, the cockpit must actually be removed from the rest of the suit, unlike the rest of the projects thus far that have hinged cockpits. What's cool though, is that thanks to the huge space in the cockpit, there is sort of an "engine" for the main body section behind the pilot. Of course with evil robot suits, there is the transparent parts near the robot's hands and feet where its energy is feed into the suit.

Gun view:

Whoa wait! I've got a picture of the gun as the second to last picture? You'll see why later. But for now, here you can see a better view of the "bayonet". Although this may not be the best slide to mention it, but you can sort of see all the random detail on the engines. The engines are NOT identical as far as the exterior detail is concerned. I think I did fairly well with it. No, I'm not bragging. I see other things that people have made and I think "No way I can do that!". Just saying. :)

Ok, this is why I saved the last picture! Notice the mountain background. I did this on purpose because I just thought that it looked so cool. Like it was actually flying! Now, before I end, I do have one little bit that could be counted as "story". This being that there are two ways that these vehicles of destruction "move out" to the battlefield.
1. The "normal" way that they do it is by just simply "revving" their engines and taking off.
2. The more cool way, in my opinion, works like this: The robots have a (or a few) type of carrier, which happen to be very, very large. Large enough to hold at least 25 of these specific suits alone (note-the only way I would make one of these would be in miniature scale). Now imagine this: the robot pilot walks up to the platform, his suit loaded up behind him. "He" looks down over the edge, no fear in his "eyes"...mainly because he is a robot. He jumps off the platform (oh, probably should of mentioned, this carrier would be hundreds of thousands of feet above the surface. Great way for me to ruin the mood, huh?), falling toward the surface of the brick planet. The suit is launched off the platform moments after the pilot jumped. The suit falls toward its pilot and eventually catches up. The pilot links up to the controls, the cockpit "closes" (remember that in the "actual" set, you have to take it off). The suit is coming up close to the ground, the engines fire up and moments before the suit and its pilot might end up splatting across the ground, it pulls up and is now flying across the battlefield at high speeds.

Now, one question you might be asking is, why would they do something so dangerous? Well the answer is simple, because minifigs have S.A.Ms (Surface to Air Missiles) that lock on to the energy signatures of the flying suits. The robot pilots themselves are small enough that it cannot lock on to them. So, by keeping the suits off as long as possible (by practically "pushing" them off the carrier's platform while in an "off" mode. Once they are on, the S.A.M.s don't have enough time to lock on before the suits are to low to the ground to be fired at (by the S.A.M.s, that is). Once last thing, if remember something I said from the Blazer project, you'll remember me saying that eventually the suit itself will attain a type of self awareness. Well, this is one of the exceptions. For the above plans to work, it can't be self aware because then it would give off the energy signatures and be able to be locked on to. So, every once in a while (the actual amount of time is unknown by authorities at this time), these suits are drained of any excess energy. Well, that's about it for now. I can say that you all will definitely like the last two exo-suits to come up. Yes, these two will be the last two suits I make, however there'll be other things I make! Let's just say that these two suits are "hard to see" and very "shiny". Can you guess what I'm talking about? You'll find out soon enough!