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Classic Living Room Band


This was an idea I got when I thought of making a guitar, and decided to make more instruments. It ended up classy, so I decided I should just continue making a classic living room band.

This set includes:

  • Guitar
  • Grand Piano
  • Organ
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Two Bins
  • Speaker (with switch and control panel at the back)
  • Flute

This set contains 4 instruments and 4 other items such as the speaker and table. These instruments took time to think of, and that took about a day and a half, while building it took about the same amount of time. The letter on the table is attached to a stud, so it is not loose and will not fall off. I would say all these instruments are minifigure size, accept for the guitar. I couldn't make that the right size because I needed to make it look good.The grand piano also includes a candle. That is about it. I hope you enjoy this set and please support it! It would be a great help!


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