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Giant Lego Historical Chess Set: Egypt Vs Rome


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Across the Desert of Egypt, Two armies Fought on a barren Desert. One army to defend, the other to invade. The Army of Egypt Fight in the Name of their Pharaoh, wanting to keep Egypt independent. Rome, on the other hand, had laid their eyes on this once powerful but now weakening empire for years. Chose your side to invade, or defend.

This Chess Set is Based Of the Lego Castle Giant Chess set and on the roman invasion of Egypt. On the Egyptian Side, I've included a Tomb, Guarded by 2 Anubis statues. On the Roman Side, There is a Statue of Venus, Goddess Of Beauty. On the Sides, Statues of the Kings, Queens, And a god stand. (Minerva for the Romans and Anubis for the Egyptians.) The Two Center pawns are higher ranked because they are more powerful in the game of chess.The Egyptian Knights are also riding on camels instead of horses, and the Roman Rook is holding a Crossbow instead of a bow like the Egyptian One. Of Course, the Bishops are priests. The Egyptian and Roman Queens Both have a pet. The Egyptian Queen has a Cat, and the Roman Queen has an Owl. On Top of the King's thrones, The Egyptian King Has a scorpion, and the Roman King Has a Eagle.

If you have a Sharp Eye, you might see that the Egyptian royal family has  a scarab at the back of the throne, while the Romans have wreaths.

So there is is, my Giant Historical Chess set. Please support, Share, and Follow!

Note to Lego: Please Keep the long hair On the Egyptian Queen, and Change the "head cloth" on the Egyptian Troops to the official Lego Head cloth if you can. Thanks!