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The Spanish Inn

Welcome weary traveler to the Spanish inn. My inn is famous for it's lodgings and our hospitality. But first let me tell you about the place. It was back in the 1700s that my grandfather built the place on the Northern shores of Spain. It has been passed down all the way to me. Now me and my beloved wife live here and prosper. The layout is as follows. Their is the main room on the ground floor and of the main room there is a kitchen and a storeroom. On the second floor are the bedrooms. There is also a balcony you can go out on and enjoy. But beware of the one legged and one handed man. It is rumored that he is an old retired pirate.

Now that the innkeeper has told you his tale I will now tell you the information that he missed. The build has 2415 pieces, and the names of the minifigures are John and his wife Martha. The mysterious man that the innkeeper told you about is captain one eyed Jack. I hoped you enjoyed the build. Please support and have a nice day.

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