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Antique Fire Truck


Ever been to a parade and saw an antique fire truck? Now you can re-create that truck with the Antique Fire Truck. This truck sports classic fire truck red paint with light grey accents. This set is equipped with everything you need to extinguish a fire. On the left side, there is a wooden ladder. On the right side, there is a gauge panel and two spouts for the hoses. Also on the right side, there are two flexible hoses. On the roof and rear, you can find three red lights. This set includes a driver and a firefighter.

This set is dedicated to the men and women who sacrifice there lives to save ours. If this set gets 10,000 supports, the 1% reward will be given to Give Burns the Boot.

This set would sell for about $30 US currency based on parts.

Thanks for the support. Let's get to 10,000!

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