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Mini Express Car Wash

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Previously, I have constructed large, extremely complex car wash facilities. But these massive facilities are often impractical for operators due to lack of space. What do you get when space is limited and you wish to construct an express car wash? The mini tunnel, of course.

This facility consists of two separate feature-packed, 32-bump long tunnels. One is touchless and uses chemistry and high water pressure to clean while the other uses friction from extra-soft brushes to gently clean and polish vehicles. Each has a conveyor (to use, line up a car's left tires with the yellow line in the wash tunnel), entry arches with detergent applicators, on-line wheel washing and waxing, underside blasters and rust inhibitor applicators, triple foam applicators, Turtle Wax ICE Instant Shine arches, ability to apply a spot-free rinse, a 3-producer air drying system, and an exit sign (Drying/Go).

Of course, all equipment included in the Mini Express Car Wash is of the highest quality and is the most realistic design possible.

The friction tunnel has several features which are not available in the touchless tunnel. It can apply a foam bath at the beginning of the tunnel and follow it up with polish wax application. A wrap-around brush/top brush combo and a set of rocker panel brushes gently clean and polish all vehicles in the tunnel. High pressure side blasters follow, helping rinse the car prior to the care and drying stages. AquaShield is also available in the friction tunnel.

The touchless tunnel is able to wash vehicles with two oscillating high pressure rinse arches, one of which can aim at the front and rear of cars. It can also clean wheels better using tracking wheel blasters. As of now, LEGO has never made a touchless car wash in any set, ever.

No matter what sort of cleaning you desire, the Mini Express Car Wash can provide fast, perfect results. It is the ultimate addition to any LEGO CITY fan's collection.

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