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Cars Piston Cup


The Piston Cup is a special thing for the cars in the 2006 movie Cars from Disney and Pixar. The cars can get a Piston Cup if they win the race. And if this idea gets 10,000 supports you can maybe own your own Piston Cup.

I have created an almost exact copy of the Piston Cup in Cars. There's no written on it but I think it must be stickers there will be in the set. I think it could be cool if there was a Piston Cup, also because we already have a Cars series made in LEGO. This series came in 2011 and 2012 when Cars 2 got its cinema premiere.

If you like this idea you can support it, and we can be lucky that The LEGO Group will make this set if I get 10,000 supports.

This set contains 172 bricks.

Thanks for looking and also support.

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