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Antique Safe (Rolling Safe)

Would you like to own a antique safe?
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This safe is fully functional with a lockable door. Good for storing your Lego money inside.
This safe comes with something that a ordinary antique safe or any safe would have.
Say if you couldn't get in the safe or your hand couldn't fit. This antique safe can split apart into three different pieces. You can take the top off and the middle section making it super easy to access the inside of the safe.
( 10th-12th pictures)
The lock on this antique safe is super simple and easy to use for all people. All you have to do is turn the golden lock on the front to the right until it doesn't move any more.
(9th picture) Then pull open with the brown lock. Closing the safe is more simple than opening the safe. Just push the door in until it is closed the turn the gold lock to the left and it is locked.(10th picture)
It also comes with something on the top of the antique safe. This includes a picture, a poster, books, a plant, and a lantern.
Books on a antique safe, must be about the safe or simply after someone was done reading there book they left it sitting on the safe for design.(3rd-4th pictures)
A plant on a antique safe makes the safe look wonderful. The green added to the safe makes it look more antique. The plant as the best design on top of the antique safe.
(3rd and 6th pictures)
A antique lantern on and antique safe goes well even when putting it on top of books.(3rd and 5th pictures) Turn the handle to pick up the lantern then light it up and hold it into the safe to see what is inside as you find three big piles of money or other valuables you could put inside.(9th-11th pictures)
A poster a newspaper, it could be a wanted poster or some sort of news or an old piece of paper or maybe details about an antique safe.
Here are some interesting facts:
  • First made in the 1820s
  • Made of a wooden chest covered with iron plates
  • Many antique safes had wheels
That is a all the facts I have on this poster on the left side of the antique safe.(7th picture)
Sunset on the right side of the antique safe giving the safe a nice design. The picture can be removed and put up a different picture with whatever you want on your picture.
(8th picture)

I had lots of real money laying around and nowhere to put it so I decided to build a safe to put this money inside. I realized the struggle I had getting the money out of the safe so I had to redesign it so I could make it inside the safe and as I was building the new one I noticed I had a lot of Lego hundred dollar bills so I made blocks of money to store inside the new safe that can now open up into three parts. I also added some details on the top including on the left and right sides. This includes a poster, a picture, books, a plant, a antique lantern.

I think this would be a great Lego set having an actual lock and a actual safe to keep your Lego money and valuables like gold and gems. You could read the books or use the antique lantern to guide you inside the safe to see what is inside. Or you could water your plant and make the plant look nice on top of the safe. Or you could make your own picture for the side of the safe. Or you could even store real money inside the safe. Other things you could do is take Lego robbers and try to robb the safe of it money. Or you could take your antique safe and go racing against Lego race cars. It might actually win!
Or you could simply use this antique safe as a wonderful design.

Thank you for reading this description!

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