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Brick's Modular Arcade


Are you bored? Do you like video games? Then come on down to Mr. Brick’s Arcade! We’ve got all kinds of games, like Nitro Racers V, Dance Machine, Master Blasters and many more! If you want games, come to Brick’s Arcade, the best arcade in town!


Set Overview

This Modular Arcade is a great addition to any Lego city or town. It comes with:

A total count of 911 bricks,

6 arcade games: a shooter game, a dance game, a racing game and 3 assorted games,

6 minifigures, from left to right: Surfer Guy, Dj-ish Dude, Redhead Girl, Tomboy Girl, Nerd Guy and Mr. Brick,

and assorted pieces for play: 8 tokens, 4 $10 bills and 2 cups.


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