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40s Muscle Car


We all have seen muscle cars from the 40s, right? Big, heavy, has lots of horspower, gets terrible mileage, and looks awesome! The reason I built this was because I wanted it to be kind part of the line of cars turned out in other lego ideas sets. The most challenging part of the design of this car was the engine compartment, or more specifically, the engine.

With this car being being from 40s, I wanted to get the essence of the slow curves in front, and the long back, as with the famous cars from that time period. The engine is that classic V8 as in most muscle cars, as well as a fastback styled rear and a crowning hood ornament up front. Whitewalls might be added, let me now in the comments!

Give your minifigures a chance to ride in style down the streets of your Lego city!

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