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"Parks and Recreation Department"

"Parks and Recreation" is defenitely my favorite show of all time! If someone asks me what show they should watch... Well, i guess you already know what my answer is!
"Parks and Rec" is filled with charming humor and life lessons. This show really teach you how to love and how to be friends with someone in this life. I got myself on idea that i'm myself has a lot in common with main character Leslie Knope- we both always trying to help, make world a better place , but not always it's turn out how we want it to.
This show is all about friendship, love and about what are you doing to make world a better place!
In my project i tryed to picture the most iconic scenes of Pawnee Parks and Recreation department office like egg picture in Ron's offcie, pictures of women who inspired Leslie, Sunflower wall, etc.
I hope you will like and support my project, i putted so much effort to make it

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