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The Colossus of Rhodes


The Colossus of Rhodes was constructed on the Greek Island of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos in 280 B.C., and is considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. 

It is theorized it was plated in bronze, and much like the statue of liberty in time as it oxidized it would have turned green. I love the look of gold and imagine how this is how it may have looked if plated in thin sheets of gold.

It stood guarding the entrance to the harbor of Rhodes for about 56 years, standing 108 feet tall, or about the same size as the Statue of Liberty. It collapsed in 226 BC caused by an earthquake. It no doubt shined a bright light across the Mediterranean for that time it stood, which I am sure was an awaited beacon for sailors returning home for many months away in foreign lands and at sea.

This build is 2828 pieces or about 2500 pieces without the vessel, which has no figures inside it in order to keep piece count down. 

The hinged ankles allow for the angle leading from each foundation up to the lower torso, and  that part was the most challenging part of this build for me, connecting both legs in the middle. Also using limited pieces to keep it gold was a challenge, and I used either black, brown, or beige skin tone on the under side parts, which I thought worked out well for shadowing.


1. Guard out-post in the lower base of the model, under the feet, which would have carefully guarded the entrance to Rhodes, making sure every one coming and going was doing so in a legal fashion with no plans of piracy etc.. 

2. Rear ladder leading up to a secret lookout position high up in the upper torso of the statue which I estimate is almost 3 feet tall, so this statue actually doubles as a guard tower. 

3. The arms are on 360 degree rotation pieces, and the elbows are hinged.

4. The hands are made anatomically correct to a human's hands as is most every section of this statue. The fingers are hinged, as is the thumbs, so overall much articulation for a statue, which allows for many different poses.

5. One large Lego bow 96 pieces.

Thanks as always for view and or vote and drop me link for any build any time.


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