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TIE Interdictor

Hello! This is my son TIE-Guy's (who is a teenager) LEGO TIE Interdictor model from Star Wars. Here is his description:

The TIE Interdictor appears in the videogame Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. It is an upgraded version of the normal TIE/sa bomber with 4 ordnance pods, rather than just 1. Also known as the Advanced TIE Bomber, it specializes in destroying large capital ships, battlestations, land bases, and other Rebel facilities. It is manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems (Information from Wookieepedia at

I designed the model using LEGO Digital Designer. I took some inspiration from the official LEGO sets 8017 Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter and 4479 TIE Bomber. After it was completed, we bought the pieces and assembled to work out a few kinks in the design.

With only slight modification, this could be changed into a TIE Heavy Bomber, a TIE/sa Bomber, a TIE/gc Bomber, a TIE Shuttle, or a TIE Boarding Craft.

Keep in mind that I designed this model with functionality as the goal rather than appearance. I could have made the pods more circular, but it would have been too difficult to incorporate the missile launchers.

If chosen for production, LEGO’s “master builders” would have to make the wings a bit sturdier, the connections between the pods stronger, and the bomb drop feature smoother. They might want to make it easier to open the cockpit. They might want to make it a bit smaller, sadly. Since the model has about 1,000 pieces, it would probably cost around $100.

I'm not sure which minifigures would be best to include, so please let me know in the comments. A TIE pilot must be included, obviously. Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy Troopers, Admiral Thrawn, whatever you think.

If you'd like to see more pictures or download the instructions, please go to or These are slightly different from the final model, but if you try to build them you should be able to figure it out.

I know that some people doubt the possibility of a Star Wars Cuusoo set because of the failed Sandcrawler, but this has been addressed in LEGO's FAQ. It failed because LEGO had already developed its own UCS Sandcrawler that will be released soon. Its theme had nothing to do with it. I highly doubt that LEGO has designed a TIE Interdictor. It's a pretty obscure craft.

Please support! (I’d appreciate a link, too.)

There are two large, curved wings for the model. Each has 23 flick-fire “proton torpedo” missiles lining the edges, two space mines on the back, and a proton rocket in front. The wings are smooth with no exposed studs on the outside. I now realize that the number of flick fire missiles is excessive. I'll remove them from all the weird places. Maybe I should replace them with one or two of the new launchers.

The four pods surrounding the central pod are the ordnance pods. Each contains a technic cannon ‘concussion missile launcher.’ The trigger of the cannon is a transparent red bulb on top. The missile comes out of the hole in the front. All of the pods have detailed panels on top. There are also nice engines on the back.

The central pod of the model is the cockpit. The cockpit is very detailed with several different printed tiles to control the various weapons systems. The TIE fighter pilot sits here, armed with a blaster pistol. A glass partition separates the pilot area from the bomb bay. It has other gauge pieces the pilot can see from the cockpit. It holds several proton bombs. They can be dropped through the chute in the bottom. There are four thermal detonators on top.

In between the central pod and ordnance pods are two connecting segments. Each has four laser cannons on top and a heat-seeking missile on the bottom.

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If there is something you dislike, please comment on it. If it's only a minor aesthetic detail, please support anyway. Any suggestions are welcome. I would be very happy if you promoted this project. Linking to it from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, your website, or anywhere else would be fantastic. If you do support, I'll try to support your project(s) if you have any. If I don't, please let me know in the comments. I won't consider it spam. Also, please link to this from your pages. I'll link back if I know about it. Again, let me know.

Thanks for looking at my page, and please support!

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