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The Old School Gym


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In my wonder years LEGO made me spend a thousand hours around the table building my own town, creating stories, fantasizing. After my dark ages – a few months before the birth of my son - I picked up my LEGO passion. I collect LEGO the past 4 years so by the time my son is allowed to play with all I have collected, he’ll probably go nuts. I always wanted to build a MOC but never had the right inspiration.

The other thing I like to build is ‘muscle’. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I surely am not a bodybuilder although I have a couple of friends who spend even more time in the gym. My objective is to stay fit and in shape.

The last decades being fit really is seen as a new way of living. Millions of people eat healthy, do sports and want to look good in the mirror and on the beach.  All this is commercialized and lately there is even a tendency of very young boys and girls who are obsessed with fitness and healthy food. But hey, it’s good for you.

I realised there is a missing link in LEGO City: a place where you can meet up with fitness dudes and babes. There are so many fun places to go to but where do all men and women go to when they want to lose weight? Where are beach bodies made? LEGO City needs a gym. Every ons wants to work on their shape. Let's not forget about the bad guys, they need to work their muscles as well. And the super heroes. That’s why I decided to start this little project.

It's not really my ambition to believe my set will go to production, I honestly think there aren’t enough LEGO building technics used in this set. But I surely hope LEGO will do something with this idea. And if they should produce it, that’ll be my dream come true.

Now let’s take a look at my ‘Old School Gym’:

The loft style gym is situated in a former depot. On the outside there are lights above the entrance door and there’s a camera pointed at the entrance.

Inside we start off on the left side of the set with a Step Machine. There is a rack of dumbbells against the wall and you’ll have a bench that can be positioned flat or inclined. Behind the desk there is a fitness coach eating a banana whilst lifting a dumbbell. A fresh member had to take of his shirt to show his poor shape at the moment. They will discuss his schedule for the best progression. On the wall you can see that the coach is a graduate. He’s also very proud of his first trophy he got at Mister Olympia in 1995. Next to the door there is a water dispenser.

Then there is a single Pulley Machine against the wall and a stand with other accessories like a handle, a bar and two closures. Next to it there’s a Pull up rack and a Pull up bar on the wall. The guy at the rack is using chains and weights to make his exercise heavier.

On the Olympic bench a guy is using a set of old school dumbbells. In front there is a guy deadlifting with a spotter behind him. The gym has airco installed. There are stairs that lead up to the toilets and showers.

Playability is great. This set can be closed down but if you open it you have room to play with all the things mentioned. Everybody is welcome to join the gym.

With your support the "Old School Gym” can be made into an official set.

So come on, work those bodies and build those guns! THANK YOU FOR VOTING!

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