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Lego Mecha: Caliburn

Hi everyone,
Here is my first submission to Lego Ideas: my custom Lego mecha design: the Caliburn.  If you like the design please vote for it to become a real Lego set via Lego Ideas!
The Caliburn features 23 points of articulation with an opening cockpit, opening hands, and adjustable engines.  It can also seat one Lego pilot comfortably with headgear.  The eyes were accomplished by cutting out two holes from a black Lego sticker.  
The Caliburn is operational on land or in space.  Each clear blue piece represents a generator that can manifest particles into whatever form the pilot desires.  They can be used defensively as a shield barrier or offensively as mobile weapons.  
Ultimately, I hope that this model will even inspire Lego to create an entire "Lego Mecha" line where we'll see a lot more unique mini-fig scale robots.  
Thanks for looking! 

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