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Sprint Car 8


This was built by me because I love sprint cars. I went to a sprint car race once, and I will never forget it. It was amazing! The sprint car is a cool looking, race car. I think this would make a good LEGO set because it is sturdy, it has one minifigure, the roof can be lifted up, and the doors can be opened easily. It is also detailed good.

The sprint car is very fast. It can go 190 mph on the straightest part of the track. Sprint cars also have 950 horsepower, and the fins of the sprint car actually make it go faster. If anyone has any color thoughts, please leave them in the comment section, I will take into consideration you color choice. This includes:

  • one minifigure
  • detailed sprint car
  • a green and gray sprint car
  • hinged roof
  • easy opening door
  • adjustable bottom fin

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