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Mr Bean London Olympics 2012


Mr Bean’s Performance at the Olympics 2012


The 2016 Olympic Games are about to start.  This sends me on a trip down memory lane and I think back to the Olympics in London. You’ve probably seen Mr Bean’s performance at the Olympics, so why not build the event in Lego?  So here is my proposal for Mr Bean’s performance as homage to the 2012 Olympics.


The model consists of 103 pieces and it comes with Mr Bean, the piano/keyboard, an amplifier, a chair with a backpack containing a  tissue (for Mr Bean’s sneezing) and Bean’s umbrella as seen in his performance of the Chariots of Fire.


I tried to get everything down to mini-figure scale including the keyboard, backpack, the chairs and the umbrella and the amplifier.


As an extra, I added Mr Bean’s teddy sitting on the keyboard and a soda cup in case Mr Bean gets thirsty.


I hope that this project will appeal to all Mr Bean fans and people who must have seen the opening ceremony at the Olympics in London in 2012 and Mr Bean’s classic performance.

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