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24 Hour's of LeMon's, Zombee Race Car


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The 24 Hour's of LeMon's. No, not LeMan's, the world famous 24 hour race in France. This is the Killer Zombee race car which has raced in the 24 Hour's of LeMon's. The almost kind of getting there famous racing series in the United States that costs $500 or so to get a car into. The 'so' is all the other costs involved. The whole idea is a form of racing that is low cost and low in looks, well, low in looks to the usual eye. The LeMon's series is raced all over the US of A and the details can be found with a quick google search. The Killer Zombee car has even been flipped upside down and lived to race again.

Imagine a whole series of famous LeMon's cars that have raced and won. Or even a general kit where you could design your own world class LeMon race car.

Feel free to follow these links to learn more about the series and Zombee,

Permission from the owners of LeMon's and Zombee were given to post this MOC.

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