Product Idea


Based off of the animated Disney film, 'Lion King', Lion-King-Micro (LKM) features several of the key characters and scenes, recreated into LEGO bricks as micro-models. Each figure features many points of articulation and were created with the desire to replicate each of their intended characters.


Scenery includes a Micro Pride Rock, created as a display piece. Additionally, there is an elephant skull from the Elephant Graveyard scene, to scale with the figures, and meant as a playable bit of scenery (contains around 122 pieces).


Characters include the following:


Simba (Adult) – Yellow and Brown: The son of Mufasa, Simba is destined to be the future king of the Pride Lands. Returning from a self exile after his wicked uncle tricked him into thinking he caused his father's death, Simba is a fully grown lion, ready to challenge the usurper and claim his place as the rightful heir, taking his place in the Circle of Life.

Simba has approximately 48 pieces and 12 points of articulation.


Nala (Adult) – Tan and Peach: Simba's childhood friend, Nala finds the banished, now grown up Simba and tries to convince him to return and help save his true home from the damage his uncle has done. Coming with him, she stands faithfully with her friend for the final confrontation.

Nala has approximately 38 pieces and 12 points of articulation.


Scar – Brown and Black: Manipulative brother of Mufasa, Scar kills his brother and takes his place on the throne with the aid of his 'Hyena' minions. Though not as physically strong as his brother, Scar is far more manipulative and willing to use duplicity to achieve his goals.

Scar has approximately 45 pieces and 12 points of articulation.


Mufasa – Orange and Dark Red: Simba's father, Mufasa is also the King of the Pride Lands, until he is ultimately betrayed by his brother Scar and killed. Both wise, and kind, he can be equally ferocious to his foes, especially those that threaten his son.

Mufasa features approximately 48 pieces, as well as 12 points of articulation.


Pumba – Red and Dark Red: A good-natured warthog, Pumba is a simple soul, glad to have bountiful grubs and good company. He can be ferocious though, particularly when his friends are endangered (or someone mistakes him for a pig!).

Pumba features approximately 25 pieces and 5 points of articulation.


The Hyenas – Gray and Black: Scar's key minions, LKM features the three ring leaders, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. Zany and somewhat goofy, they also have a strong sadistic side, and aid in Scar's takeover of the Pride Lands.

Each Hyena has approximately 23 pieces, save Ed, who features 24 (1 extra to include his ever-present tongue). Each also has 8 points of articulation.


Rafiki: The wise, though somewhat eccentric baboon Rafiki acts as shaman in the realm of the Lion King. He is present at Simba's birth and later helps direct him to return years later, coming to aid in the final battle against Scar and his minions.

Rafiki includes approximately 18 pieces and has 4 points of articulation.


Zazu – Blue and White: Chamberlain of the king, Zazu is a brightly colored hornbill. Loyal to his duties, he can be a bit pedantic about following protocol. This is countered, though, by his dedication to his charges, even to the point of putting his life on the line.

Zazu has approximately 22 pieces and features 7 points of articulation.