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Ice Cream Parlor


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On a hot summer day what's better than some Ice Cream!

This 50's style Ice cream parlor contains around 430 pcs, 3 minifigures, and a dog! The outdoor area features a bench, lamp post, trash can, a huge ice cream cone, flags, and twinkle lights! The indoor area features a gumball machine, retro cash register, popsicle freezer, black and white tile floors, menu board, table and chairs, and even a jukebox! You can choose between ice cream, milkshake or popsicle!

I built this set because I have a fondness for the 1950's (Jukebox's, poodle skirts, and soda jerks!) and ice cream and I wanted to bring it into Lego form! I wanted to build a place where friends can hang out! You can listen to your favorite songs while having some delicious ice cream!

This would be a good set for adult builders because they can get nostalgic about their youth or for younger builders because we love ice cream! This set can be from the 50's or it can just be retro, whatever you want!                                                                                                              

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