Product Idea |

Make it a Blockbuster Night.

Blockbuster, Wow! What a difference!
  Back in the '90s, a craze was sweeping the World: The Video Rental Store. This was a revolution to business, and while the business most recognized for it only has one store in Bend, Oregon, now the Blockbuster Night can return in your home, through Legos.
The Features of the Set.
 The set includes 2211 pieces and 8 Minifigures, plus 3 Blockbuster Membership Cards! 
Base Floor: Coffee shop, and Newspaper shop.
  The base floor includes a coffee shop, featuring some food, and some coffee. There is also a shop where you can get pizza, doughnuts, and some newspapers. There is also a stairway to the second floor. Speaking of the Second Floor...
Floor 2: The Blockbuster.
  The main attraction of the set is the Blockbuster, which you can get a movie, get some popcorn, return your movies, and look at the late fees you owe. Fun, right?
Floor 3: Apartments.
  There are 2 apartments on the 3rd floor, with someone to help you with your needs. The apartments have beds, shelves, a couch, and of course a TV, so you can truly have a Blockbuster Night.
Why did I build this?
 I built this because I wanted to make a Modular seeing some on this platform and the official Modulars, and the idea of Blockbuster was in my head for a while.
Why will this make a good set?
  I think this will make a good set because it will bring an experience that can barely even be experienced in real life, and also to have a cool model for where you live, and have also a good modular, with full features of a normal modular.
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