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Funtime at Pillow Fort

Everyone of us was a kid(and i suppose, some of us still have a little kid inside!). We all loved so many activities, sports, games, treehouses, having fun with siblings and friends, and of course… PILLOW FORTS. Children all around the world love making Pillow Forts of any size.
Remember this : “DAAAD, heeelp me build Pillow Fort, pleeeaaase!”? Ah, memories. Childhood is such a great, carefree time in our life. And i think that everyone need to keep alive their inner child. This is the way to be truly happy and sincere person!)

So, i decided to make my own Pillar Fort out of Lego bricks. I think that set like this will help people around the world bring back these warm and cosy memories from childhood moments.
Fort itself looks like a tent, with blankets wrapped around it.
Inside of a Fort have a lot of pillows, blankets and carpets, laying around couch. On the floor there are a lot of toys, like plush bunny, duck on the wheels(reference to original first Lego set), Chess board, Car, boat, etc.
Near to the fort there are an armchair for grandma to sit where she can have a cup of tea, pet a family’s chihuahua Bonya, and knit a new Scarf for her grandchild!
Fort also features a Light brick which provides a little bit light inside of the fort and making it look cosy. There are too many details to talk about, you just need to see it for yourself.

I think that this project will not leave you indifferent, and i hope it will bring your brightest memories back for a moment!

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