Product Idea

Jurassic World: Armored Recovery ATV w/ Parasaurolophus

When dinosaurs escape from their enclosures (which they ALWAYS will :) the Jurassic World team need s a way to recapture them and return them to their pens.

This set features one of the vehicles the Jurassic World team uses to protect their assets: the Armored Recovery ATV.

Features of the ATV:

  • front and rear suspension
  • front winch
  • two swiveling tranquilizer missile launchers
  • fully enclosed armored cockpit
  • flood lights
  • beefy engine on the back for crazy off-roading power


The set comes with one ACU Trooper, a tranquilizer rocket launcher, and a tranquilizer dart gun w/ two extra darts.

The pictures also show a velociraptor dinosaur - but the idea is to feature a new dinosaur in this set. The Pachycephalosaurus makes sense because you would need an armored vehicle to recapture one of those beasties - gotta protect yourself from his nasty head-butt attacks!

Another option would be to replace one of the swiveling tranquilizer missile launchers on the ATV with a extendable/retractable snare, and include the Parasaurolophus instead of the Pachy. The Parasaurolophus is a beautiful dinosaur and would make a really awesome addition to the LEGO dinosaur collection (all those meat-eaters need something to munch on besides humans!)

The set would conatin roughly 260 bricks