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Alpine Gondola and Rafting


This model is of an Gondola on a mountain landscape. The gondola is made up of two towers that support the cables for the two cabins on the gondola. Both of the cabins have windows on all sides, benches, lights inside and sliding doors for easy access. There is a red one and a blue one and they both also have removable roofs for playing inside the gondolas. The two towers that support the cables are made with wheels that move for the cables to go on and have the two gondolas pass in the air.

On the ground is a mountain landscape with a mountain cliff, river, waterfall, hiking trails and cave. The moutain cliff doubles as a cave and you can get inside from the back or detachable roof to find hiden jewels inside the cave. A waterfall comes form the top of the cliff and joins the river which flows between the two gondola towers. In the river there is also a river rafting boat with two people equipped with paddles, life jackets and helmets. Leading to the cave is a walking trail and some animals you should watch out for!

I think this would make a good lego set because it has lots of different things to play with and looks good as a model. the roofs for the gondolas and cave are both detachable for easy access and play. the way the towers are made for the gondolas it holds them up without breaking and looks realistic with the wheels and layout of the towers and gondola cabins. i think it is fun to play with as a kid or look good as a model at a house, ski resort or mountain. I hope you like it and please comment or support my project.


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