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Amon Hen


Amon Hen was a key site reached by the Fellowship of the Ring towards the end of the Fellowship of the Ring in which the fellowship broke after having been split up during an attack by the Uruk-Hai of Isengard. This project consists of 4 parts (and a boat) including Amon Hen, The Hill of Sight. There are 617 bricks in total including 6 minifigures.

Minifigs are: Boromir; Frodo; Merry; Lurtz; Uruk-Hai x2

Details on the set are below:

There is a small landing site with campfire for the Lothlorien boat. The tree has a hidden catapult to launch characters at each other. The statue can be removed from its stone base to reveal a treasure chest. The Hill itself has a mini catapult to fight off the attackers, as well as a function on the stairs that allows you to push the Uruk-Hai off of the stairs. On each side there is a hidden cave in which gold and arms can be found.


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