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Surf Shop


Build an authentic Lego surf shop because 3/4 of the earth is covered in water.  The accessibility of information has helped surfing become very popular in the last 15 years, and surfing is now a global sport. Surfers take pride in their lifestyle, but surfing is often misrepresented in movies or television. This set delivers authenticity by including elements that can be found at real surf shops.  This could be your local shop and includes features from some of my favorites.

The shop is separated into three parts.  There is a showroom with racks of surfboards, complete with custom boards hanging on the wall, wetsuits, swim fins, and body boards.  A roll-up door opens to a courtyard with a fire for warming between surf sessions and a rack of rental boards.  A short wall separates the shop from the beach.

The front entry has a counter full of wax and other surf accessories.  A rack of tee shirts can also be found here.  Skateboards and helmets, part of surf culture, are on one wall.

The third part of the shop is the shaping bay.  Custom boards are built here and dings are repaired.  A board builder works with the help of a board rack, fluorescent lights at board level, and a sander.       

No foray into surf culture is complete without a van.  A van sits in the parking lot with a board strapped to the roof, ready to go in case the surf up the coast is better than right out front.


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