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X-1 Stryker


     X-1 Stryker

     Meet the newest spaceship off the Octan Space assembly line: the X-1 Stryker! This space cruiser comfortably seats one minifigure or other extraterrestrial being, but you might be able to squeeze two flexible dwarfs in there. The unmodified ship is perfect for travels in your own galaxy, but you can attach the hyperdrive engines for a trip into deep space. Also features working rear stabilizers for all your racing and daredevil needs. Currently available in a white-and-gray color scheme, but keep checking Spac-eBay or LEGO Ideas for updates.

     Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, critiques, possible improvements, or just to rant about the weather (you guys know we all do it). Keep on bricking!

     Sir Noskcaj

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