Product Idea

The Trophy Room

Hello everyone,

Here is a little project for a set which looks great on display, contains lots and lots of beautiful and rare Lego pieces, and is fantastic for play too! Welcome to The Trophy Room, home of a daring adventurer and his vast array of treasures and artefacts. His prizes range from swords and tapestries to a stuffed Yeti and a mounted T-Rex head, and the set also includes everything he needs for adventuring, from maps and books to rifles and shotguns. His faithful hound is of course present too...

Please support this project if you would like to see this made as a Lego set! It works well either on its own or alongside sets from all sorts of themes, such as Indiana Jones, Modular Buildings, Adventurers, and many more, and the accessories included span roughly the last 10 years of innovative Lego brilliance.

(Apologies for bad photo quality.)

Many thanks for your support (and Merry Christmas!)