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Accessibility Set

Thank you all for helping me pass the 1/3 mark on March 3rd, 2014! This is another big milestone on my way to 10,000 supporters, and again I thank you all!

I made some new ideas on January 24th! Take a look below!

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This is my first, and most important, project I will display. My inspiration for this design came from when my best friend and inspiration for this project who has muscular dystrophy. Both of us were making some minifigures of ourselves and we realized that there was not a wheelchair accessory for his minifigure. I decided to make a wheelchair out of the pieces I have and this is the result.

The pack would include a minifigure in a wheelchair, a ramp, and a set of double doors that opened wide enough for the chair to pass through.

A big thank you to GlenBricker who created the amazing rendering, shown above, of my Accessibility Set. You can follow him on his blog about Cuusoo and other random cool things here: Glenbricker's Review

If this were to become a set, I would donate all the proceeds to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

This is a front view of the wheelchair with my friend's minifigure.

In between the front and left side views.

Left side view.

I have added two different types of manual wheelchairs to the lineup as well as updated the design of the original powerchair to have actual wheels instead of the satellite dishes. The new wheels also have a few different rims to choose from to further customize the wheelchairs.