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The LEGO Movie Submarine


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Hello Friends and LEGO® Fans!

Today I unveil to you a replica which I am very proud of: The LEGO® Movie Submarine in which our beloved Master Builders flee the burning Cloud Cuckoo Land.

My replica contains 1432 bricks-enough to build a hungry hungry hippo!  XD  It has 6 parts: the mountain on top, the pig/cat on the front, the bat part on the front, the bat part on the back, the radars on top, the rainbow on top, the middle, and the blue bottom.

Thank you for contributing your time to look at my creation; I hope you like it enough to help me out. 

Thank you and come again!

Announcement: The production of this model may to some extent require certain licenses which the Lego Group already has access to. These licenses would possibly include a license for The LEGO Movie®.

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