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Microhammer 20.000 The Lego Strategy Game


The Full Army

I just wanted to show, how many figures are currently in the first three armyes! More than 300 figure, over 50 type of figures, vehicled, and other units!

Find your favorite, and leave a comment! (And just like in youtube, dont forget to!)

Here you can see the full picture!

(And I don't like the Lego Ideas autocutmechanism!)


Over 100 Supporter!

Thank everybody for the support!
We only have to get..... 99 898 Support's to make Microhammer 20.000 a real set!

Sooo..... I will be late, with the box art....BUT! I have something intresting for the time!

The Microhammer 20.000 Mega God's!

In the game there are 3 gods each with unique look, and abilities. For a more unique look I did build them form Bionicle, and Hero Factory pieces, here can you look at them!

The Goddess of Peace and Love

In the front of them you can see the In game version of her....



God of Energy

In the front of them the "Mini Me" ....



God of Chaos, and War

Behind the mini version you can see the full form of Centauros the Chaos Demon!

(Check out for the names of them, behind of them you can see their "Energy"!)

Thanks again for the supports, and if you have any question, or suggestion please leave a comment!






In the Lastest Update I did say about the fans who play the game, now here its a fan, who likes to make something form the game!

He did build the "Smith" figure form the game! 
The Smith it's a Legendary figure, who looks like this:

You can find more pictures like this, in the link at here -->

But! Here are some more pictures form the Fan build "Smith"!

I will be back soon, with some new updates!

If you have any question form about the game, don't be shy, ask in the comments section!


In Play!

I work for a Lego shop, an sometimes, when they going to some exhibition I bring the game with me. Here are some pictures when the kids play with the game!
At The OVS Festival (Hungarian Video Stars Festival...)

It is always good to see, when they start to plan their tactics!

After the OVS the game is in a Lego Camp, at this week 20-25 kids did play the game. At the biggest rush there was 8-10 kids at the table at the same time 5-5 for each time!

Even in the biggest battles they keep calm, and try to apply their ideas to the battlefields!

Here you can see, all of the Red, and Blue units facing each other, the funniest thing was, they were asking me to put ALL figures to the battlefield!

I hope, that these trend will keep going, so even more kids will play the game!
(Sorry for not giving any updates a long time, but I only recently discovered the "Update" function at here...)

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