Product Idea

Legends of Artemanii - The Four: Forest Ambush

There are legends... Legends that tell of brave heroes, coming when the realm is at it's greatest need... One such legend in the realm of Artemanii is the legend of The Four. The Four were a group of heroes, numbered four, that came and granted the realm freedom from it's oppressors. They were last seen traveling to a distant land, planning to help any travelers they would meet on their way. They have not been heard from since. Now, however, a long period of peace has come to an end (As such periods always do), and the heroes have not returned. There have been rumors spreading of the heroes having been vanquished many years ago, but if that is true, how are they back to save the realm once more? Are these impostors? Or saviors? As LEGO would say: You decide! The Four have just returned and are traveling to the realm's capital. On the way, they are ambushed by highway thieves. This set includes a small forest, The Four (From left to right: Quilliren, Aramis, Daerdra, and Timothy), and two highway thieves.  the diamond in front of Daerdra is supposed to be in her staff. LDD would not let me do that, although it is done in my real concept. My estimated price for the set would not be more than 25 American Dollars. Note: The red minifigure pictured is not included in the set. I will include more pics at a later date. I actually have a real-life concept, which I may include as an update at 5 supports.


On a side note: This set is merely a rough sketch. If LEGO Made this set, they can change whatever they wish (Provided the main idea of the set remains intact).