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The Money Keeper


This somewhat small Lego creation is a good way (at least to me) to keep your money safe. This creation doesn't use a lock, code, or combination. This creation uses a stick that is shoved into a small hole in the side of the safe. If the doors are inside, and the stick is inside, the doors will not budge. The only way to open it (with Lego) is to get the secret key located at the back, and shove it into a hole on the opposite side of the machine where you put the stick in. If you have some extra coins, you can take off a secret 2X4 flat piece on the top, revealing a hole where coins can be dropped into the tray. paper money can of course go inside the smaller compartment.

I personally have a smaller version of the one on the picture, but it works the same way. it seems to be strong with the doors on. the only problem with this machine so far, it the secret panel at the top where you put the coins in, flies out of the hole it's supposed to be in. This is caused by the coin tray creating an air picket while being inserted into the compartment.

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